I’m Loving It: 365 Flavor Battle

I’ve long ago written off fast food out of my diet.  But when someone is handing out free french fries 🍟 who am I to deny?  McDonald’s sponsored the 365 Flavor Battle in Atlanta, GA. Guests were treated to all day breakfast sandwiches, strawberry smoothies, and endless amounts of fries!

Such notable guests included DJ Traci Steele, Toya Wright, Angela Yee, and DJ Drama. The actual DJ battle was judged by HipHop icon DJ Kid Capri, DJ Infamous, and the lifestyle specialist himself Mr. Kenny Burns.  I managed to snap a few pics after the panel discussion.  I briefly whispered to Yee (who sported a brand new YSL heart ❤️ shaped shoulder bag) that I believed her and not Gucci Mane.

The free food and open bar kept flowing and the tunes kept on spinning. One lucky contestant who hailed all the way from Cali went home with 10 grand!  Check out a few of the pics below and comment at will!

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